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30 Jun STOP flying invadors
Michal 0 1723
STOP flying invadors!It's finally summer, which also means that the heat and humidity are inviting mosquitoes, flies and other insects to arrive. They are looking for the best opportunity to enter you..
31 May High speed and exceptional style
Michal 0
Cupra is a car whose name comes from Cup and Racing and emphasizes high speed, fierce competition, and exceptional style. The Spanish brand inflates the racing image through the cars, accessories, and..
20 Apr Innovative and bold solutions
Michal 0 2455
"Vorsprung durch Technik" – surpass through technology or even technological superiority – that’s what the AUDI brand motto may mean and that’s only possible when you are brave to introduce innovation..
Michal 0 2666
Our company had the pleasure of cooperating with Dubai Exhibition Centre and supplied WING air curtains to the EXPO 2020 exhibition in Dubai. The WING air curtains were placed in the operations area, ..
10 Feb Something about filters
Michal 0 6176
Something about filtersVTS GROUP – is a manufacturer of technically advanced equipment for HVAC industry, combining innovative technologies in the field of research&development, production and logisti..
27 Jan The Beast is coming from the North
Michal 0 3603
Better get ready before it's too late.Think the penetrating cold is over and it's only going to get warmer? Unfortunately not yet. Our sources say you better get ready for the return of the frosty bea..
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