VOLCANO heaters, available in the VTS offer, combine high performance, aesthetics and durability.

Modern components incorporated in their design allow for effective heating of, among others, a workshop, warehouse, production hal, commercial space or office. This is a very good solution for buildings with a large cubic volume and air exchange.

The most important advantage of our products is their modernity. We use our best efforts to ensure that they work with the highest possible efficiency, and at the same time do not disfigure the room and do not generate excessive noise. The main component of water heaters is the aluminum and copper heat exchanger built in such a way as to ensure the largest possible heat exchange surface while maintaining the smallest size possible. It comes in three versions – single-row (VOLCANO VR1), double-row (VOLCANO VR MINI and VOLCANO VR 2) and triple-row (in VOLCANO VR3).

Next to the heat exchanger, no less important component is the fan motor. In the VOLCANO air heaters, you can find too modern EC motors. They combine the advantages of devices supplied with direct and alternating current. The elimination of mechanical components, which are subject to rapid wear (brushes and commutator), allowed to reduce their failure rate. Motors of this type work quieter, and, most importantly, operate with high efficiency, regardless of the selected settings. They help to save energy on a daily basis.

Our air heater has been closed in an aesthetic housing made of durable materiall. Its structure protects the elements from damage, and ensures adequate air flow.

The modern design of the heat exchanger allows you to supply the VOLCANO water heater with a low temperature heating medium. Our products are compatible not only with boilers or heating units but also with modern, low-temperature sources such as heat pumps. Flexibility in this respect, combined with the ability to regulate the fan operation, results in that the VOLCANO air heaters can be adapted to the needs of rooms with very diverse intended uses. Their efficiency can be adjusted on an ongoing basis to the current demand of the building for heat. The possibility of adjusting the airflow direction in two planes allows for quick heating of the zones where the room users are currently staying. The VOLCANO VR-D destratificator, also available in our offer, can help ensure the proper distribution of hot air.