Is it cold in the church? Are the heating bills too high? It's time to install a VOLCANO heating unit.

How can you quickly and efficiently heat a large cubic space in a place of worship? The specific use of churches differs considerably from that of conventional public buildings. A church often needs to be heated once or twice a day. So it is the efficiency of the heating system that counts.

A large usable volume is not a problem.

VOLCANO hot water heating units are designed to heat buildings with large usable volumes. A water heater unit is a device that, with the help of a fan, pushes air through a heat exchanger heated by hot water. It is therefore necessary to supply the heater with a source of energy and the heating medium: hot water. The heaters are installed at a height of more than 3m. The range of the air blown by a VOLCANO air heating unit is up to 25m.

Does the heat escape upwards?

It is very important to realize that the conventional radiators make the air constantly move upwards, while the parishioners sitting on the benches may still be cold. Our air heating units installed at a height of 3 to 8 m cause the air to move downwards, thus efficiently providing heat where it is needed.


Let's talk business. Take, for example, a church with a usable volume of 4500 m3 (30x30x5m). To heat this kind of building using traditional methods, you would need at least 32 radiators with a power of 2kW. However, it is sufficient to replace them with two VOLCANO VR3 heating units.

Cost differences will not only be felt at the investment stage, but also later. An important advantage of our air heater system is the heating speed. VOLCANO air heater units are capable of heating the previously mentioned church to a comfortable temperature (+ 5 degrees compared to the initial temperature) in only 40 minutes, whereas 32 traditional radiators would take more than 100 minutes to achieve the same result.

Choosing VOLCANO heating units for buildings with large usable volumes, such as a church, not only saves money at the investment stage but also during use.

Do the heaters make noise?

The noise level generated by the VOLCANO hot water heating unit depends on the fan speed. This speed can be controlled by an easy-to-use controller that can handle up to 8 units. What is important is that if the building needs to be heated quickly, you can set the speed to the maximum and at the beginning of the service reduce it to the minimum level in order to maintain the set temperature. The latest innovation for the VOLCANO EC heating units allows up to 4 heating time periods to be set for each day of the week independently.  In practice, this means that after programming the heating schedule, you do not have to get up at dawn to start heating the building before the morning service. Your church will be ready to receive the parishioners without wasting energy on the heating when it is empty.

Hot water heating units in the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Vilnius.