How often should I change the air conditioning filter in school and kindergarten?

Do you remember the last time the filters in the air handling unit in your school or kindergarten were replaced? The holiday break is a great time to make the necessary renovations and repairs. Especially the filters installed in the air handling unit require replacement, on average every three months. They prevent the penetration of dust and dirt into the ventilated room, which is of great importance for the air quality in the building. So they help you stay healthy and can be a great help for people with allergies. Children and adolescents require comfort and safety necessary for proper development and effective learning.

Regular filter replacement translates into the reliability of the AHUs and their longer operation. Filters protect the elements of the device installed inside and keep them clean.
Take care of the air quality in the building. Protect the health of children and employees. Check the filter search engine, which, after entering the number of the VENTUS air handling unit, will suggest which and how many filters should be replaced.

Remember when buying original manufacturer filters, they guarantee high standards and air quality.