Spring is the time of year that everyone associates with cleaning. Therefore it is also worth thinking about air handling units and their cleaning, especially after winter, which is a period of intensive use of AHU devices.

The most important service element are filters. They prevent the penetration of dust into a ventilated room, which is of great importance for the quality of the supplied air. At the same time, they have a great impact on the reliability of units and their longer operation, as they provide protection for the components installed inside the device and keep them clean.

Dirty filters make the airflow harder through the unit and the device must work with more power, which not only causes faster exploitation of the device, but also increases energy consumption.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare schedule for the inspection and replacement of filters according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Filter replacement is determined by exceeding of the permissible pressure drop on the filtration section or reaching a specific time interval (whichever comes first). Filters should be replaced at least twice a year.

The filters must be replaced immediately in following cases:

  •          he filter coating is damaged;
  •          the filter housing is damaged and therefore it doesn’t adhere to the diaphragm seals;
  •          the fabric is wet;
  •          there are traces of microorganisms infection on the filter surface (e.g. mold).

Filters are also the easiest elements to replace, so we encourage you to buy new filters, dedicated to VTS devices.