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Coils for the VENTUS units

Block of copper pipes integrated with another block of aluminum fins, creating expanded heat exchange surface. Pipes are bonded to the collectors, equipped with headers (for connecting entire coil to the medium supply system).

Heating of the air supplied to the handled spaces. Re-heating of the air as a part of air dehumidifying process.

The coil can be applied if heating medium is available (local boiler or district heating system).

Coil headers are equipped with medium damping valve and air vent.

Connecting the coil in parallel medium flow vs air, will result in its capacity reduction by over a dozen percent.


Single-row coil for the suspended unit VENTUS VVS005s
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Single-row coil for the suspended unit VENTUS VVS020s
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Six-row coil for the unit VENTUS VVS120
4 weeks
Model: 1-2-0406-0129 Stock: 4 weeks
Wasserlufterhitzer czterorzędowa do centrali VENTUS VVS040
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