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Drain siphons and other parts for Ventus AHUs

For proper drainage of condensate from the unit, the siphon on the drain pan connection pipe must be installed in the AHU sections, where negative pressure occurs. There is no need to apply drain siphons in section with overpressure.

Drain siphon and others

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Handle lock for VENTUSLOCK VVS..
Model: 1-2-0122-0212 Stock: In Stock
Hinge for panel in VENTUS air handling unitHNG.ASM VVS..
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Model: 1-2-0294-0069 Stock: In Stock
Model: 1-2-0294-0071 Stock: In Stock
Impeller assembly VS-500/28
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Model: 1-2-0294-0075 Stock: Contact us!
Impeller assembly VS-630/38
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Impeller assembly VS-630/381-2-0294-0098..
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Impeller assembly VS-630/421-2-0294-0099..
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Model: 1-2-2201-0064 Stock: In Stock
Fan inlet funnel..
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New handle for VENTUS air-handling unit - LeftHND.ASM LEFTWhen replacing handles on older units, the lock and hinge must also be replaced:HINGE FOR PANEL IN VENTUS AIR HANDLING UNITHANDLE LOCK FOR VEN..
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