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Frequency converters

Function and application.

Smooth control of the fan assembly performance. Soft start of the fan, without mechanical and electrical shocks. Protection of the fan motor against overload and blockage.

Operating parameters.

Frequency Frequency adjustment range: 10 ÷ 100 Hz. Communication: ModBus RTU RS485. Power supply:
• 1-phase supply 200 ÷ 240V AC,
• 3-phase supply 380 ÷ 480V AC.

Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C.
Protection rating: IP 20.

Frequency converters

Falownik LS - FC 0,4 kW / 0,5 HP (LSLV0004M100)
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Falownik LS - FC 11 3PH 380-480V
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Model: 1-2-1208-5022 Stock: Contact us!
Frequency converter LS FC 0,75-4,0
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Model: 1-2-1208-5019 Stock: Contact us!
Model: 1-2-1208-5020 Stock: In Stock
Frequency converter LS FC 5,5LSLV0040G100-4EOFN..
Model: 1-2-1208-5021 Stock: In Stock
FC 7,5 3PH 380-480VLSLV0055G100-4EOFN..
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